Tag section on YouTube had always left me wondering what to write on it. Lately, I have been more or less like a pro (hehe!)

So this is how I tag now:

After finding an appropriate title for my video, I make sure I write a good description of it including the words in the title. I also try to describe the video in summary using related words to the title. The words I use are the ones which I imagine someone typing in the search section when they are looking for a video on the topic of my video.

I then move to the tag section and Make sure I put the whole Title as a separate tag, I then use the words on My title separately as individual tags ( making sure they make sense).

the next step is to take your title and add in words to make a longer tag. ( these are called the long tail tags. if I have a long phrase which is in my description box, I add it as a tag as well ( touching the topic discussed in my video)

the other tags I will make sure to include are the constant tags which are always on every video I have on my channel, and they include: my channel name and if my channel name is different from my real name, I also include my real name. Another thing to include as tags are what your channel is all about , e.g DIYs, Beauty blogger, Fashion Haul, Family vlogs, et.c.

how to properly tag your youtube videos

this is an example of how I have tagged my video on this particular topic.


The main goal here is to have repetition of Key words in order for YouTube to rank your video together with other competitive videos on that particular topic you are tackling in your video.


how to properly tag your YouTube videos

this screen shot was takn 2 mins after the vido upload



Every time I look back at my old tags on my old YouTube channels I end up wishing I could coil myself up into a tiny shell and hide from embarrassment.

If you do not get why I would feel embarrassed, here is why

with TubeBuddy, you  can actually see EVERYONE’S tags and I can tell you I have seen the most awkward tags on people’s videos.

Get TubeBuddy here:

About Tubebuddy:

It is a browser plug-in which once you have downloaded, the functionality is integrated right inside your YouTube website.

that is basically what you see on the side of EVERYONE’S video and you can even see the estimate of what the particular video has made.

I will talk more about Tubebuddy in my next posts so if you are interested, you can down load it here:

and familiarize yourself with it.


If you have any questions Let me know on the comment section and also, share with me the embarrassing tags you found yourself having used before on your videos.


till next time,


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