1. Put the quick money thought aside:

As much as YouTube pays a lot and some big youtubers make a living out of content creation, the real big money comes after years of working on your channel. So this is not a `get rich fast scheme´go in knowing that. However, some get lucky and have viral videos which attract sustainable subscribers… some are just not lucky and have to use the ‘Toiling’ way.

2.Use a professional eye-catching profile picture.

The sole purpose of having a profile picture is to tell your potential viewers or subscribers hey, I own a channel, please check me out´

therefore, Take your time and try to make a ‘speaking’ kind of profile picture. A professional one with will do the magic but if you may, take one yourself and use a plain ( preferably white) background and slightly turn your head to the side. ( Refer to my profile picture on my YouTube channels)

3. Do not be so obsessed with the no. of subscribers you have

Focus on your content then the audience will follow at the same time, remind your viewers  to subscribe some forget to.

4. Know your target audience and what they like.

This way you will be able to retain your already subscribed audience and entice ,those who came back for more , to subscribe.

5.Make friends on YouTube.

There are few words as powerful as the words ‘me too”. Those in the same sphere as you ( Small, upcoming youtuber/content creator) understand you more because they are going through the same phase and challenges as you. When these challenges are shared amongst the like-minded and you hear that you are not the only one experiencing whatever challenge, you somehow get motivated to better that situation.

You can also do collaborations with your YouTube friends , that way, you get a new exposure to their subscribers who might have interest in your Channel as well.

Relate to those who have the same journey as you as well as look up to those who have been through what you are going through and learn from them.

6. Comparison is the murderer of happiness.

Everybody’s journey is different even if the destination might be almost the same.

Do not compare your chapter with that of another one. our learning curves are totally different.

Therefore, focus on bettering your channel and if you must, borrow some skills and styles from your favorite youtubers and twist them up to your own style.

7. Learn to make a good thumbnail.

A thumbnail give a potential channel visitor a glimpse of what your video is all about, therefore, make it attractive and eye-catching. Tune the photo by adding in contrast and brightness. Use shouty coloured and readable fonts.


8. Have a specific Gmail account for your YouTube channel.

This is majorly just for the purposes of being professional and not mixing your YouTube stuff with other professional stuff outside youtube.


9. Work hard.

If you are in to make money in the long run, do what others might not be doing. work extra on your videos as well as your marketing of your Channel.

Learn a skill you saw on your favorite youtuber which you think might better the way your videos look.

10. START!

That fear of the unknown you might be having is a killer of what might be a total turn around of your life. Start and see how much you will learn.

Use whatever resources you have and see yourself grow as time goes by. Do not wait to be perfect as perfection only comes with practice.

11. Have a thick skin.

Haters are there and are even in huge numbers on the internet.

As much as sometimes their words might be hurting, some actually have some points one can learn from. And if you see a negative hurtful comment on your comment section, delete immediate because the internet trolls are like monkeys…you know.. ”Monkey see, Monkey do”


Alrighty guys, I hope you took something from these points and I hope to see some of you start a channel.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below and I shall answer.



check out my video here:


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