The colours that attract me alot during the cold season are usually dark colours and neutrals… I LOVE ME SOME GREY! But this …this Yellow had me going the opposite way.

I found this website which I hope is not only for the people in Germany : BUT this website brings together all the SALES from many different stores.

since my style is basically : ,,IT WAS ON SALE”(hopefully this changes some day) I decided to share this particular coat I got from Limango on a very good deal.



with the turtle neck, a scarf is not a must wear.

mellow yellow4



mellow yellow 4

some gloves are a must have though.


With my love for anything grey, I just had to have my sweater in Grey. I used a thin belt to  cinch my waist ( what is more feminine than that, right?)


So, this coat is going to be one of my winter staples . simply because of the colour and the sizing. The looser the clothings, the more the warmth it holds in.



I hope to see you on my next post and leave me a comment if you have any feedback.


have a good one!


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  1. Iam always afraid of colours like yellow but this one got me…u look amazing Too


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