As I was typing the title, I started imagining the look on my grandmother’s face if she ever saw me wear anything which seems torn yet I am not homeless.:: #Africangrandmothers.




This particular Jacket was selling like hot cake in Primark during the summer season owing to the fact that the destressed jeans trend was a hot cake itself.

I caved in…I fell into the trend but I was not pleased when I got it home as I have VEEERY SKINNY HANDS and the sleeves were making it worse.



I still wore it and with time,  began to love it. I love it so much despite it not being so suitable for the Autumn season but I found a way of working my way around the problem.

blog3I simply pair it with a furry half coat which is so warm. I actually had underestimated the warmth a furry clothe can bring.


blog5I mean, I even have fur linning in my shoes…my very old shoes.




I hope you guys enjoed this look and I will see you guys next time.


stay safe and spread love

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