AUTUMN- the season I love to hate.

I love the colourful leaves it brings with it but I hate the cold and the strong wind!

Having experienced the 4 seasons for the first time since I moved to Europe, I typically wear trousers almost all the seasons, more so the Fall season and the winter.

This time round I decided to try something new- Skirts!

My choice of the specific colour red in this post is from my remeniscence of my high school days where we wore all red ( red sweaters, red skirts and red legs warmers and jackets when it was cold.) . The only things which were other colours (white) were blouses and socks and black shoes. Memorable high school days!


I combined it  with a warm sweater from Primark and a denim jacket for extra warmth.



As for my hair, I have this wig I made a year ago and I still love it…because it is the only one I posses (obviously).


I had the maron nail polish on not to over power the red with any other colour.

The bag is from Primark as well and I love carrying it around whenever I don’t have my son with me (read: less laggage)


Let us see how far I go with wearing skirts some days of this year’s cold seasons!


till next time



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