IT'S CHELAHI have been lethargic for the last couple of days ( I have purposely left the word ”lazy” in order not to look like a reprobate)

There is usually that atmosphere left after finishing a task which usually kept you busy, in my case the humdrum German language course . I had an examination which came after a 2 weeks vacation with the Family. So the relaxed mood was extended till after my final german examination.

This post is actual my thoughts right now coming out in writing. Writing my thoughts down has always helped me put things in perspective ( speaking retrospectively )


This figure of speech was in a literature book I hated back in high school and as ironic as it is, it comes to my mind everytime I am trying to find me whenever I feel like there is a hurdle before me.

Fervently speaking, there is no impendiment that is visible ahead of me and I have come to a conclusion that ”the hurdle” is definately just the fear of the unknown. I mean, now that I am done with the learning of the foreign language which seemed to be an impendiment before am thinking of my next step which, by the way, a well laid plan but I know not what the future holds.

so what really makes me tick?

what I do when lack of motivation come knocking is usually PRAY. I do not intend to preach in this post but having a believe of a spiritual feeding has its own kind of nourishment which never fails in kicking your behind back in line.

The second thing is I WRITE. whatever comes in my head…not necessarily a blog because, let’s be real, I am kind of not good in this. I have note books everywhere in the apartment with ideas and imaginary lost-love poems and ofcourse plans and inventions which will never see the light of day.

I then tirelessly look for INSPIRATION. my latest obsession being interior decor for my imaginary house and fashion statement for my imaginary dream body. Either way, my inner go-getter gets awakened and I become active. I mean, who wouldn’t be activated by beautiful houses found online.

I never forget to revisit my VISION BOARD. This is like a resuscitator to my motivation because only God knows I love beautiful things and I need to work towards earning them.


So in conclusion, what makes me TICK is definately what is in my vision board which encompasses my BELIVE, MY HEALTH,MY WEALTH AND MY FAMILY and any activity needed to better the said four.





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