Are you one of us who find wearing all-red outfits on valentine’s day rather too mushy?

or ,are you single and looking to just go out for lunch ,coffee or a night out with your fellow single friends?

you really do not have to go all the way to buying new outfit for this single day.

I personally don’t shop often let alone abide by the old all-red valentine’s day rules.

You can dig in your closet and mix and match what you already have and off you go to your outing.

It took me less than 10 minutes to pick and put together these outfits, probably because my closet is small 😛


1. your man told you he would call you at noon for a quick-lunch before he goes back to the office, basic jeans and a printed top will do. don’t forget to throw in a  warm jacket to keep warm. A leather Jacket never fails anyone.


2. Your fellow single girls hit you up for a brunch and all your intentions are to catch somebody’s eyes. you want to look both respectable and tempting…


3. Some boy considers you “the girl Next door”. You look fragile yet loveable. Your cousin is his friend and the two planned a day out at the local ice-cream and coffee parlour and invited you along…



1.You met at the office and you have been on casual lunch dates during office lunch breaks. He invites you for dinner on valentine’s day….


2.You met at a friend’s party. You have been chatting and doing Casual night outs. he invites you for a dinner date at the local fancy restaurant….


CHECK THE OUT-FITS IN MOTION…and do not forget to subscribe!

Remember to love so hard and make each day valentines for the ones you love.

you do not need to have a spouse to celebrate love.

till next time,

Be loving!

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