Hello my beautiful people!

IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! That time where you start re-evaluating what your life means… Yes…What does your life mean? What have you achieved this past year?

Do not beat yourself up if you feel like you have achievements amounting to nothing.

There is a Swahili saying ” Yaliyopita Si Ndwele, Tugange Yajayo” which loosely translates to : whatever is in the past should not be dwelled on.

That is why it is human you view the new year as a new beginning.



I should confess that I ,personally, am not so strong in the resolution setting activity but this past year taught me alot on organization and planning.

As I was setting my 2017 resolutions- Yes, mine are done set!- I noticed that I was able to see my life in a different view because I had the opportunity to dig deep and evaluate all my wrongs and rights.

On a side note: The process of setting up your resolutions helps you get in to the habit of planning which is important if you are an individual who is not so organized but working on getting into the habit.



  • Have a positive attitude. Negative energy is the death of all your goals. Run away from things and people who bring negative energy to you.
  • Start with a brand new and clean planner or a note book to write down your goals.
  • Have a theme or a punch line for your year . something which will drive you. e.g. a year of victory, a year of excellence, a year of achievements e.t.c
  • Keep your resolutions simple and reasonable. Make sure the resolutions are achievable. If they seem big , break them down and achieve every step in a gradual manner.
  • Tell someone you are close to about your resolutions, sometimes working under pressure is the only push you need towards achieving your set goals. You also might just be lucky and that individual has the same goal as you and both of you will work towards it together.
  • Do not let set-backs put you down. If by the second week of January you have gone astray from your resolution, get up, dust yourself and START OVER. It is NEVER too late to start over. Remind yourself why you started your journey. find motivation.
  • LASTLY, It is important to appreciate yourself!! When you have achieved a goal, treate yourself!



  1. Read BOOKS as much as you can.e.g one book every month. Choose books which will motivate you to better your life.
  2. Make a Vision board.
  3. Write down ideas everytime you have one, you never know where it could lead you to.
  4. Have a planner. Writting down your plans helps you evaluate and observe your progress towards your goals.
  5. Treate yourself once in a while.e.g go for a spa treatement
  6. Workout. Start with what you are able to go and slowly progress.
  7. Define your personal style.
  8. Have a Capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.
  9. Put away your phone and socialize
  10. Decluster. Give away the clothes which fill your wardrobe and you never get to wear.
  11. Try new Hobbies
  12. Mentor someone
  13. Do not be afraid to ask.
  14. Give-Donate : Time, Money, Items,Blood…
  15. Do not skip breakfast
  16. Drink 8 glasses of water a day


I will see you guys in 2017!

Have yourself a safe cross- over to the new year.



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