So ever since I transitioned from permed hair to natural hair, I have trimmed my hair 2 times… that in it’s self sounds disastrous. It dawned on me just recently how I have been treating my hair with a ‘don’t-care’ attitude which came about after I gave birth ( not to blame my son’s arrival in any way)- Motherhood.

First thing first,( am the realest) what does it mean to trim your hair?

Deriving from the meaning of Trim; it basically means making your hair neat and in the required form by doing away with the irregular unwanted hair (ends).

Secondly: There is a mis-conception that trimming your hair makes it grow longer… THAT IS A MYTH!

Let me explain myself; see, when you trim, you get rid of split ends ( yes, the ends of your hair can literally split into two or even threes) which would have otherwise extended along the shafts of your hair down to the root. If you delay your trimming, then the worst case will happen and that is when you start seeing your hair frizzing uncontrollably. Tangled hair is the most likely sign that you have split ends. Therefore, trimming just saves you the agony of continous frizziness and that’s when you can clearly see the progress of your length WHICH IS GROWING IN THE USUAL PACE.

So, how often should you trim?

Personally speaking, it’s going to be a new routine I will incoperate into my length retention journey, therefore I have a schedule set up that every 3 months I snip off my ends. That being said, I would recommend that you personalize your snipping routine to fit your hair needs. You do not have to have a fixed time like me, you can trim your hair by guaging the condition of your hair i.e do you see too much knotting? does it frizz alot? do the ends appear scarse?

Lastly, it is recommended that you trim your hair when it is dry. Reason being, when your hair is wet, the difference in porosity ( the ability to absorb water) of hair in various parts of your scalp causes your hair to stretch unevenly. So if you trim wet you get uneven results. Dry trimming gives you the chance to see the real length of your hair.

watch me trim my hair here!

share with me how you trim your hair and any additional information about trimming by commenting.

till next time !

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